Introduce magazine VÝSTAVBA

A quarterly magazine focusing on the development, reconstruction and revitalisation of structures as well as areas including infrastructure. Important information for investors, designers, building company workers as well as building offices of towns and villages. Catering for the needs of bodies involved in town and country planning and territorial development.


The publishing house – Moravská reklamní, spol. s r.o. boasts a twelve-year tradition in publishing specialised periodicals for the building industry, architects, designers and chartered engineers. Following the success in publishing Atelier Magazine we have prepared a new specialised title, which is „designed“ to cater for the needs of towns and villages, as well as public administration and municipal authorities, for building firms and investors but also for manufacturers of materials and technological equipment. The magazine deals not only with the issue of reconstruction and revitalisation within a developed area, but also the traffic and technical infrastructure of towns and villages emphasising the long-term development of individual planning zones and their urban design. Infrastructure network systems are considered in connection to individual building structures, as well as sets of buildings and their linkage to these systems.


  • the first highly specialised periodical in this area of interest
  • targeted distribution
  • presentation of the periodical at fairs and exhibitions
  • multi-functional distribution mixture of the magazine – purposeful connection between an investor and building contractor
  • an ideal space for promoting reference constructions
  • favourable prices of presentations of investors and building contractors


  • local and municipal authorities
  • building offices
  • bodies involved in town and country planning and territorial development
  • unions and associations of towns and villages
  • architects, designers, chartered engineers, investors
  • building companies
  • regional centres for regional development
  • State Housing Development Fund
  • development agencies
  • Institute for Spatial Development
  • Ministry of Transport, Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Industry and Trade – etc.
  • regional authorities – etc.

Through the presentation in a specialised periodical it is possible to achieve the targeting of important bodies of public administration and municipal authorities – etc. In this connection there is also a wide possibility of offers focusing on the implementation of the EU funded projects.

The marketing survey to establish a potential interest in the magazine has shown the following: 97% of respondents (authorities, companies, investors, engineers – etc.) evaluate the new periodical very favourably. With respect to possible subscription of the magazine, 87 % of those addressed have decided to subscribe to the magazine. Based on the evaluation of these results, the anticipated reader numbers and the efficiency of commercial presentation in this periodical exceed the 90% mark.

Circulation: 10,000 copies (press and electronic version)
Format: A4 glossy coated paper
Periodicity: 4 times a year – quarterly magaz