Issue number  Closing date     Date of issue     Important trade fairs Distribution
no. 1  31. 12. 2014     20. 01. 2015     Roofs Praha
no. 2  20. 02. 2015     05. 03. 2015  
no. 3  25. 03. 2015     15. 04. 2015     Building Fairs Brno
no. 4  25. 05. 2015     20. 06. 2015  
no. 5  25. 08. 2015     15. 09. 2015     For Arch Prague
no. 6  25. 10. 2015     15. 11. 2015     AQUATHERM Prague

JANUARY – no. 1:

House and panelling of holes, fire protection of loft building-ins, gypsum plasterboard systems in the loft, roof windows, envelope and roof carcase of the building, roof covering, roof insulation, eaves systems and roof protection, chimney systems, restoration of panel houses – thermal insulation, pannelling of holes, energy savings (heating and ventilating), heating of panel houses and changes in heat installations, employment of energy saving pumps, exchange of heaters, innovation of service cores in panel houses.

Distribution on trade fairs and exhibitions:
Střechy Praha, Dřevěná okna, dveře, schody, Moderní bydlení a zahrada, Dřevostavby, Krby a kamna, regional building exhibitions.

MARCH – no. 2:

Problems of hole panelling installation, safety ironmongery for windows and doors, low-energy and passive houses, gate systems, shading technology, methods of rehabilitation of wet walled buildings, masonry materials – brick, concrete, concrete masonry units, sandwiches and gypsum plasterboards, thermal insulation of buildings, inner and outer swimming pools, wellness systems.

Distribution on trade fairs and exhibitions:
Amper, Coneco, regional building exhibitions.

APRIL – no. 3:

Catalogue edition for IBF Brno.Thematic representation of all nomenclature goods + water treatment plants and water supply and sewage systems, systems of water consumption measurement.

Distribution on trade fairs and exhibitions:
IBF, SHK, Mobitex, EnviBrno, Pro Arch Banská Bystrica, regional building exhibitions.

JUNE – no. 4:

Thermal-insulating, acoustic characteristics of hole panelling, defects in manufacturing and mounting of wooden hole panels, requirements for hole panneling designed for low-energy and passive houses, sealing and insulation systems, glass and alternative energy sources (solar panels), renovation and plaster systems, ensuring of fire protection of walled objects, chimney systems, reduction of energy demand – employment of pumps, shading technology, outdoor outfit of the building (pavements, fences, siding and wall covering), saving water mixers, roof covering.

Distribution on trade fairs and exhibitions:
Země živitelka, Ekostyl, regional building exhibitons.

SEPTEMBER – no. 5:

Catalogue edition for exhibition FOR ARCH Prague.Thematic representation of all nomenclature goods + intelligent buildings, construction chemistry, renewable sources of energy, sanitary fixtures and fittings.

Distribution on trade fairs and exhibitions:
Tendence, For Arch, conference „Otvorové výplně stavebních konstrukcí“, Dům a byt 2014, regional building exhibitions.

NOVEMBER – no. 6:

Boilers, burners, fireplaces, stoves, solar collectors, head pumps, heaters, chimneys and duct systems, convectors, floor and wall heating, air pipe lines, air conditioning, measuring and regulation technology, thermal insulations, wall covering and floor tiling for bathrooms, saunas and swimming pools, electronizatin of windows, doors and gates.

Distribution on trade fairs and exhibitions:
Aquatherm, conference „Regenerace bytového fondu“, Infotherma 2015, regional building exhibitions.