Introduce magazine ATELIÉR

ATELIÉR OTVOROVÝCH VÝPLNÍ, IZOLACÍ A VYBAVENÍ STAVEB (Studio of opening filling, isolations and equipment of buildings)



The nationwide professional bimonthly journal distributed directly to the addresses of architects, developers, engineers, incorporated engineers, building companies, and tradesmen in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Presentation on all the international trade fairs and exhibitions, regional events, as well as to the visitors. The journal is offered to producers and dealers of building materials and technologies under advantageous conditions. It deals with issues of implementation phases of construction with respect to applied materials and technologies. It provides for information on new products, materials, and technologies, their application, benefits, and problem issues. For the most part, it deals with practical examples.

The magazine is further divided into sections:

  • opening fillings
  • isolation materials
  • surface finish
  • equipment of buildings