The journal is oriented to windows, doors, gates, and their application, other opening fillings including the accessories – hangings, mountings, glasses, louvers, peripheral cladding and roof claddings of buildings, walling materials, roof covering, as well as to isolations and surface finishing, technical equipment of exteriors and interiors, plastering and facades, facade systems, module facades, construction chemical products, heating and sanitary facilities equipment, flooring and staircases, regulation and air-conditioning, saunas and swimming pools, alternative energy sources, external insulation of peripheral and roof claddings, economy buildings, low-energy houses, and variability of roof structure and peripheral cladding.

Starting with the June 2005 issue, a new chapter titled „Garden Architecture and Outdoor Equipment of Buildings“ focused on the winter gardens, swimming pools, garden fireplaces, barbecue grills, ponds, plants and habitats, garden furniture, pavements, and fencing, etc.

In the thematically oriented issues, also electical and lighting installations and water and sewer mains.

Journal leading features:

  1. High level expertise
  2. Directed distribution to wholesale customer
  3. Presentation on trade fairs
  4. Solid prices of advertising

Circulation: 10,000 pieces (press and electronic version)
Of which read: 88 %
Advertising efficiency: 65 – 75 %
Size: A4, glossy paper
Published: for 17th year
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1 piece of journal per CZK 75 (+ postal and package charges CZK 25)

In case of irregular ordering: for CZK 85 (+ postal and package charges)